• MBS Stockyard Management System

MBS Stockyard Management – more transparency with advanced automation solutions


The MBS stockyard management system is an advanced tool which assists in the operation of bulk stockyards. This solution provides stockyard operators with tangible benefits through stacker/reclaimer automation, increased efficiency and more transparency. The system provides an accurate 3-dimensional model of the stockyard, which indicates the pile shape and the material distribution within the stockpile. MBS transforms bulk storage facilities into precisely controlled tools to efficiently support your production processes.


MBS material quality management

  • Track bulk material quality
  • Achieve desired material blends
  • Improve material homogenization

Unmanned stockyard operation

  • Achieve higher throughput
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase operating safety

MBS supports the following bulk materials

  • Coal and coke
  • Biomass
  • Iron ore, ferrous pellets
  • Bauxite and alumina
  • Fertilizer raws: phosphate, potash or sulphur
  • Quarry products: granite, gabbro, gypsum, or limestone
  • Industrial by-products: petcoke, FGD gypsum or fly-ash

System architecture and implementation

MBS stockyard management is designed to operate alongside any existing stacker/reclaimer PLC system. The data from the digital control system is exchanged via an interface, the original system is left unaltered. MBS is ready to connect to a variety of digital control systems using different communication protocols such as Profibus, Modbus or TCP/IP (via industrial Ethernet). The system can be implemented during the construction of new stockyards or for existing facilities. MBS is the ideal solution to retrofit existing stockyards without installing new hardware.

Flexible solution

Every stockyard is unique in dimension, shape, equipment and operating philosophy. The stockyard management system is flexible and will be customized to meet the local requirements. The system functionality is modular and can be selected to match the individual needs of each customer.


Bulk material simulation and visualization technology

At the heart of the MBS stockyard management solution is a physical simulation which has been developed specifically to model the behavior of bulk materials at a macroscopic scale. The resulting 3-dimensional model provides information on the stockpile shape and distribution of the material.

The information of the distribution of individual delivery batches can be used for quality management purposes while the terrain contour information serves as the basis for automation tasks. MBS builds the model from information on the machine positions and material throughput. No additional sensors are required. MBS uses data which is generally available in the digital control system of the stockyard stacking and reclaiming equipment. The model is updated in real time when material is stacked or reclaimed. The model can be corrected automatically or manually for events which are unobserved by the DCS system (e.g. manual wheel loader operation).

By design, MBS can simulate hypothetical scenarios. This is useful for the evaluation of alternatives in the operation of the stockyard before execution. The operator can check available space prior to stacking or preview the quality of the next reclaimed material flow.

The simulation model in MBS does not require any scanning devices which are often used by comparable products to build terrain models. This lowers investment costs and decreases the complexity of the solution. It also means that the MBS model is more robust and will not be affected by scanner device failures or measurement errors due to the presence of rain, fog, dust or snow.



Best quality management and monitoring for your stockyards



The MBS stockyard management system provides real time information for the stockyard operator on stockpiles and equipment status. By being directly connected to stacker and reclaimer instrumentation and control equipment, the MBS stockyard management system is able to visualize actual events in real time. The information typically includes stacker / reclaimer positions, equipment slewing and luffing angles, material throughput and the material quality that is currently being stacked or reclaimed.

By simulating material movements in the stockyard, MBS determines the final material distribution within the stockpile. The MBS system shows information from the supply chain on material movements and the individual properties of each material batch. The material properties can be based on data from prior sampling and lab analysis. Alternatively, the properties can be measured with online analyzer equipment. By using the best available data on material batches, the system is able to transform the stockyard from a black box to a transparent production tool.


Equipment automation

MBS is able to provide a job queue to the stacker/reclaimer system for a fully automated mode of operation. Using this system, the stacker and reclaimer can be operated remotely from a central control room. This reduces the reliance on skilled operators who operate the equipment manually. The benefits are higher throughput, more constant performance and lower number of operating errors.

Scenarios and forecasts

The MBS stockyard model provides valuable information on the distribution of heterogeneous materials within the pile, which allows the operator to analyze material location and the blending efficiency in the stockyard.
On the incoming side, the simulation can provide a view into the future and model the placement of an incoming delivery in order to determine the space requirements or calculate the effects on the resulting material blend. On the outgoing side, MBS can evaluate planned reclaim scenarios and predict the properties of the resulting flow of materials before execution.

Optimize your bulk terminal operation with MBS. Our stockyard management system will improve the utilization of available space and increase throughput of the material. You can also combine the MBS stockyard management with our MBS supply chain management database software to manage port operations and material distribution by truck, barge or railway.


Better product quality management for mines

MBS helps you improve the quality of your product. Whether you would like to homogenize the material in order to have less variation in quality or when you are blending different material batches in order to attain a better a quality grade altogether: MBS shows you if your quality management is on track. This enables you to sell your product consistently in the desired quality.

Clear cost advantages for power plants

MBS optimizes fuel blends and the fuel supply. You can tap a vast savings potential and reduce operating costs while being able to avoid material handling problems at the earliest possible stage. As an example: for a coal fired power plant, unfavorable ash melting behavior can lead to impurities on heating surfaces in the boiler, reducing steam generation and, in the worst case, causing a power plant outage. MBS stockpile management systems prevents these and similar problems.

Quick return on investment

MBS Stockpile Management is an investment that pays off. Usually a return on investment is expected within the first twelve months.