Benefit from our expertise in the power industry.

    The material flow management system MBS has been used for almost 25 years in the energy sector and is today an industry standard in Germany. Beyond the administrative areas, the integrated concept includes other functionalities, such as CO2 monitoring, stockyard management, LIMS, integration of truck scales and networking with logistics companies. HAUK & SASKO also offers further IT-solutions such as the document management system UKIS and the web-based Operations Logbook BTB.

    IT-based execution of  material flow management in power plants.

    UKIS Plant Documentation

    In UKIS you have water-tight technical plant documentation.

    MBS Compliance

    Meet the compliance requirements with MBS CO2 Monitoring & Reporting.

    MBS Stockyard Management

    Management of stocks, stockpiles and silos for coal, ore and other bulk materials.

    MBS optimizes the handling logistics for seaports.

    A simple and transparent work procedure with the web-based Operations Logbook BTB.

    IT-based management of business processes in material flow management for trading and logistic companies.

    Take advantage of our know-how in the field of material flow management for construction projects.

    Logistic solution

    Automation of delivery and shipping processes.