Optimize material flows. Add value.

    MBS covers all fuel and material flows and supports all related business processes in a single integrated system. The system has a modular design and offers functionality and reports that have been designed to match the processes for each individual commodity. MBS unites technical and commercial data in a central data repository. The data is captured only once at its origin and becomes available everywhere instantly. Besides the fuel management and material flow management functionalities, MBS also covers emissions monitoring, stockyard management and interfaces with counterparties such as shipping companies. This comprehensive approach provides increased productivity and greater transparency of data.

    Fuel and material flow management

    Supply chain management from the front to the back office

    Software solution for

    • Commodity trading
    • Material purchasing
    • Marketing of mining products
    • Waste management

    Fuel and material management for power generation

    Software solution for

    • Power plants
    • Waste to energy plants
    • Biomass plants
    • Utilities
    MBS Stockyard Management

    Management of bulk material, stockyards and silos

    Software solution for

    • Power stations
    • Bulk terminals
    • Mining companies
    • Steel mills & cement plants

    Carbon monitoring and reporting for the EU Emission Trading Scheme

    Software solution for

    • Combustion plants
    • Oil refineries
    • Coke ovens

    For further information please download our MBS-Brochure.