The UKIS portal links knowledge

In many companies there are established systems in which company-related information is available – both simple documents such as manuals and CAD drawings as well as structured information, such as in SAP. Mostly, this information is used only occasionally and is not available as a “knowledge base”. The integrated platform UKIS inks your information and application islands in a comprehensive system.



UKIS Informationsmanagementsystem
Webbasiertes Anlagenmanagement mit KKS, RDS-PP

A browser is sufficient

The UKIS portal is much more than just a homepage for more information: The UKIS interface enables the user to see content from SAP without having the application installed on his computer. But it’s more than that – even without knowing how SAP works or from which server the required information originates. Access through the UKIS portal gives you the option of combining information from SAP, for example, with documents from a correspondence exchange or a DIN standard into a single knowledge base.

Recording and managing operational events

Another important function in UKIS is the database-driven recording and management of operational events. This information can be linked with other sources – documents, measure values, database content, etc., and presented in UKIS. In practice, shift logs, construction records and operation/maintenance manuals can be created.