Fuel and material flow management for power plants

MBS Power Generation module provides functionality to support fuel and material flow management for thermal combustion plants.

The business functionality covered includes:

  • Fuel management (primary and substitute fuels)
  • Management of fuel oil, ammonia, limestone and other materials
  • Management of combustion by-products and waste
  • Requirements planning, inventory and silo management
  • Integrated lorry weighbridge systems and access control systems
  • Interfaces to conveyor belt weighers
  • Interfaces to digital control systems (DCS)
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Legal compliance
  • Reporting
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (material suppliers, hauliers etc.)


Modular. Scalable. Integrated.

No matter whether you operate a single power plant or large number of generation assets — MBS Power Generation is scalable and equally suited for both situations. MBS Power Generation is a modular system — its flexible design can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Your generating plant’s particular system environment can be configured and integrated into MBS. MBS provides a number of standard interfaces to exchange data, ranging from plant automation to ERP systems.

MBS Power Generation can be easily combined with other MBS software packages to form an integrated system. As a one-stop solution the MBS integrated system covers every step in the fuel management business process — from the trading desk to the plant operator.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by MBS.

  • Use all available information and master data across all business units
  • Access up-to-date information on contracts, stocks, shipments, material consumption, orders etc.
  • Coordinate fuel supply and emissions between the trading and generation sectors
  • Avoid data redundancies, errors or inconsistencies
  • Improved reporting