Fuel and material flow management for power plants


MBS Power Generation module provides functionality to support fuel and material flow management for thermal combustion plants.
The business functionality covered includes:

  • Fuel management (primary and substitute fuels)
  • Management of fuel oil, ammonia, limestone and other materials
  • Management of combustion by-products and waste
  • Requirements planning, inventory and silo management
  • Integrated lorry weighbridge systems and access control systems
  • Interfaces to conveyor belt weighers
  • Interfaces to digital control systems (DCS)
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Legal compliance
  • Reporting
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (material suppliers, hauliers etc.)


Modular. Scalable. Integrated.

No matter whether you operate a single power plant or large number of generation assets — MBS Power Generation is scalable and equally suited for both situations. MBS Power Generation is a modular system — its flexible design can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Your generating plant’s particular system environment can be configured and integrated into MBS. MBS provides a number of standard interfaces to exchange data, ranging from plant automation to ERP systems.

MBS Power Generation can be easily combined with other MBS software packages to form an integrated system. As a one-stop solution the MBS integrated system covers every step in the fuel management business process — from the trading desk to the plant operator.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by MBS.

  • Use all available information and master data across all business units
  • Access up-to-date information on contracts, stocks, shipments, material consumption, orders etc.
  • Coordinate fuel supply and emissions between the trading and generation sectors
  • Avoid data redundancies, errors or inconsistencies
  • Improved reporting


MBS fuel management

Fuel costs account for approximately half of power generation costs. The processes associated with electricity production from hard coal, lignite, natural gas, oil and biomass determine the value added by each power plant. MBS Power Generation assists you in managing these important costs.
MBS captures load dispatch plans which will help you with your budgeting and scheduling of fuel procurements, taking into account current and projected stockyard inventories. The system captures logistics and deliveries with detailed quality grades such as calorific value or sulphur content. MBS automatically highlights deviation from planning data and indicates missing cargoes. Data acquisition is automated to a large extent as interfaces allow MBS to be connected to logistics systems, belt weighers, weighbridges, silo sensors and analytical laboratories.

MBS Power Generation provides detailed inventory control ensuring precise evaluations down to individual deliveries. The system also accurately registers fuel consumption and heat generation data. MBS offers detailed interfaces which break down stocks and consumption into various aspects such as fuel grade or costs.

MBS Power Generation offers both technical and commercial evaluations of all material movements. In addition to analyzing generating and fuel costs it also supports the invoicing
processes. MBS provides an interface to ERP systems such as SAP for accounts payable data and similar accounting information. The flexible reporting engine of MBS provides an unrivaled degree of transparency using standard and user-configured reports on commercial and technical aspects.




Combustion by-products

MBS Power Generation provides efficient by-product management for different materials
like ash or FGD gypsum. The system supports the user with functionality that covers production forecasts and budgeting, generation, inventory control, logistics, billing and quality management. A seamless data exchange with ERP systems such as SAP
SD (Sales & Distribution) allows a straight-through processing of bills and invoices.

Fuel oil/ammonia/limestone

Coal-fired power plants require a number of additional substances such as limestone
or ammonia in the generation processes. Fuel oil plays an important role in starting
a generating unit. MBS also manages these and other materials. The MBS software
reads fill levels of tanks and silos via I&C systems interfaces. It triggers orders if
required and adjusts inventories automatically. The functional scope of this module
also includes contract settlements and invoicing functionalities.

Waste/hazardous substances

MBS supports the disposal of hazardous as well as non-hazardous waste. As far as hazardous waste and substances are concerned, MBS supports compliance with applicable legislation and manages the complete disposal procedure. This includes producing all consignment notes and similar paperwork as required by the law. In this module, MBS not only supports logistics, inventory management and accounting, but also provides an interface to weighbridge systems of different manufacturers. The module also supports e-government procedures by facilitating an online exchange of information with the regulating authorities.

Biomass/substitute fuels

MBS also supports the use of biomass and other substitutes for fossil fuels such as sewage sludge or refuse derived fuels. MBS offers an integrated handling of procurement, processing, consumption and accounting straight through to the invoicing processes. A particular focus is on compliance with limit requirements with regard to the chemical analysis of substitute fuels. MBS offers functionality to draw representative samples and includes a data interface to certified laboratories. It comes ready with a comprehensive reporting and statistics module which, at the push of a button, provides all necessary documents as required by the applicable government regulation.


MBS Delivery and Shipping Automation

MBS supports a fully automated delivery management for incoming and outgoing materials such as biomass, ash, FGD gypsum, limestone or ammonia. The vehicle driver operates the weighbridge and loading station himself using only self-service terminals which also produce the receipts and paperwork. The solution is fully integrated with ERP/accounting systems for straight-through invoicing processes.

HAUK and SASKO provides turnkey solutions for you.

  • Logistics software for incoming or outgoing deliveries for a wide range of materials
  • Self-service terminals for lorry drivers including code card dispensers and printers
  • Access control systems (RFID cards, bar code or magnetic cards)
  • Gate control systems for road vehicles
  • Integration of trade approved weighbridges
  • On site traffic control and guidance
  • Material access controls and integration of silo dosimeters
  • Quality sampling solutions
  • Full integration with existing accounting and invoicing software solutions

Driver-operated loading/unloading processing

MBS uses planning and scheduling data to identify road vehicles at the power station gate. The driver registers an arrival weight of the vehicle at a trade approved weighbridge with a self-service terminal. The system guides the driver to the loading dock or silo which also operates as a self-service facility. At the terminal for the weighbridge the driver receives the final weight notice and all necessary paperwork before leaving the power plant.The MBS solution for delivery and shipping automation captures incoming and outgoing materials electronically. The system integrates with commercial IT solutions in order to realize a fully automated system from planning to settlement.


Take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Fully integrated solution without any redundant data
  • Improved transparency in operation
  • Cost effective and highly automated
  • Combines planning data with actual data
  • Includes all paperwork for individual materials
  • Fully integrated IT environment
  • No redundant master data
  • Timely data transfer from operations to accounting