Your competent partner for construction projects

HAUK & SASKO provides engineering, procurement and construction management services in the field of material handling and logistics. In numerous construction projects, we have gained experience and support you, our customer, as a competent partner for your projects. In close collaboration with you, our specialists develop an overall approach for the best possible configuration of the supply and disposal of materials in new facilities. Together with our partners, we offer solutions in the fields of weighing, feeding and transport control and handle the professional on-time implementation.

We provide optimal solutions based on cutting edge technologies. This applies, for example, from the organization of the logistics, warehouse or silo management to the application of access control systems and data acquisition in management systems.

KW_Westfalen_300x222_Tim Reckmann CC BY-SA 3.0

Engineering services for the power plant Westfalen

RWE Technology is constructing two modern hard coal-fired units with a total capacity of some 1,600 megawatt at the existing Hamm power plant site in Westphalia, Germany. The units are able to provide energy for some 3.2 million households.

The supply of fuel and the despatch of by-products and waste will be realized using innovative technologies and a high level of automation. This includes supporting transports by road, rail and barge, using a large number of interconnected logistics components. RWE has awarded HAUK & SASKO a contract for turning this vision into reality.

121123_RWE-kolencentrale_Eemshaven_Gn_NL_Wutsje_CC BY-SA 3.0

Engineering services for Groningen seaport / power plant Eemshaven

The location of Eemshaven in Groningen offers good logistics: the power station’s main fuels, hard coal and biomass, will be delivered via the seaport. Other materials, such as pulverised limestone for flue-gas desulphurisation or fly ash, can be transported in and out via the River Ems.

Essent BV and RWE Technology have selected HAUK & SASKO to supply engineering, procurement and construction management services for the logistics components of different materials.

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Management

Engineering services for CHP Eisenhüttenstadt

EnBW Propower GmbH has constructed a modern and highly efficient CHP plant. The power plant supplies steam to a nearby paper mill while the power is being fed into the public grid. The CHP plant provides energy and steam generated from refuse derived fuels (RDF) and paper waste (rejects) supplied by the paper mill. It also uses fuel oil and small quantities of coal together with several additives.

In this project, HAUK & SASKO provided engineering services in order to deliver an optimal design regarding the supply and disposal of various fuels and materials.