From Data to Knowledge.

You do not need to know everything, but you do have to know where to find the information!

This simple sentence describes, in essence, the problem of today’s information world. The employees of a company are faced with a flood of information and documents of increasing complexity on a daily basis. Rapidly growing information technology demands more and more. Complex issues need to be captured, understood and used. The only sensible way of escaping a digital overload is to meet it digitally. The enterprise communication information system UKIS, developed by HAUK & SASKO, is the digital answer to the above outlined scenario.

UKIS is continuously adapted to current market events and requirements. The product is continually being optimized, modified and developed according to operational experiences and user preferences. The result of this product care is a complex, but at the same time intuitive and easy to use tool that enjoys a large user acceptance. The vision that underlay the development of UKIS is the easy and quick access via a mouse click to the required documents/information with the additional display of networked information. The goal of UKIS is an intuitive surfing in operational information, analogous to the surfing in the internet.


In UKIS you have a transparent, juridically water-tight technical plant documentation.

For years you may have had a productive facility – nevertheless, the immense knowledge about single components as well as documents lies scattered on several servers, in different systems, in paper folders or in extreme cases, only in the heads of single employees. UKIS will give you transparency in your plant documentation.
Numerous other functionalities support the planning processes, the communication of project partners as well as the transfer of the documentation from the responsible acting agencies etc. Among other things, this includes the display and Redlining of CAD drawings in the browser, the use of all relevant data formats as well as the possibility of administering technical documentation versions and indicating the differences in the single versions by a suitable comparative functionality.

Product documentation

As a rule, products are identified by a product number. A product number can be defined by a reference key, which contains product information such as design, size, material etc.

Plant documentation

The documentation of an enterprise is comprised of an enormous number of different documents. Technical documentation in the form of CAD drawings, data sheets, technical descriptions and documents from various suppliers, company manuals, project documentation such as minutes of meetings and acceptance protocols, correspondence of the most different kind, service protocols and other maintenance documentation. Facilities can be documented in a fixed system and be described by suitable reference designation systems. The reference keys assigned to specific components by letter and/or numerics show in which location the component is and which product is concerned.

Your advantages:

  • Immediate access to all plant components independent of location
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Juridically water-tight documentation and with it minimization of the risk of organization deb

UKIS Organization

In many companies there are already systems in place in which information relevant for enterprise is available- documents like manuals or CAD drawings as well as structured information, e.g., from SAP. However, mostly this information is used selectively and is not available to the enterprise as „knowledge storage“. UKIS, an integration platform in the Intranet, ties your islands of information together and links them into one general system.

Your knowledge is worth money. Take advantage of the fact.

Production and design know-how, optimal workflow processes, routine problem solving: the knowledge of a company is invaluable if you use it! However, this information must be accessible easily and quickly. Where was the report on a certain case? What was in a particular rule? Who made what contribution to which project? These are issues that can cost a lot of time and money. UKIS links you completely and automatically to any information – regardless of data or document format – and always up to date.

Key functions of UKIS

  • Automatic linking of terms in office and PDF documents  as well as CAD drawings
  • Automatic conversion of documents into web-enabled formats
  • Uniform access to different file formats without application installation
  • Integration of existing IT systems
  • Direct check-in  / check-out to  edit and update original documents
  • Search for documents and file attributes regardless of the original file format
  • Search results with direct reference to the source of information
  • Contextual Navigation through coding systems
  • Classification of documents by invoice, reminder, etc.
  • Automatic notification or publication
  • Direct connection to specialized databases, legal documents, policies, procedures and standards by automatic hyperlinks in your documents
  • Create documents from image and text blocks
  • Access to the most current version is always a given


Reap the Benefits

  • Secure corporate knowledge and make the best use of it
  • Save time, effort and resources
  • Process and optimize productivity
  • Increase decision security
  • Tap this know-how
  • Decrease project times
  • Transcend file formats and location-dependent information
  • Improve ability to provide information
  • Increase legal security through audit-proof archiving
  • Integrate content, data and systems seamlessly


UKIS Quality Management

With UKIS you can build a quality management system conforming to appropriate international standards that can be documented, maintained and continuously improved. UKIS is the active component responsible for the accuracy and completeness of its contents. Operating instructions, emergency plans, maintenance and inspection plans, permits and regulations, forms, checklists, certificates, contracts and documents such as laws, guidelines, etc. are centrally and comprehensively available in UKIS!
UKIS takes over control of the documents i.e. in the information system, the responsibilities and procedures for the creation, editing, testing, release and changing of documents will be determined and controlled. UKIS embeds real-time for the operation of relevant process and performance data automatically so that the completeness and timeliness of your quality management system is assured.


Quality management made easy

  • Preparation and publication as well as testing and release of new documents
  • Distribution of documents
  • Changing of valid documents
  • Archiving of current and superseded documents
  • Recording of activity in the system (history)


UKIS is economic

  • UKIS reduces time and effort in the creation, use, management and maintenance of data and documents.
  • UKIS reduces the time spent in locating and providing your documents.
  • UKIS ensures the redundancy-free and consistent networking of your documents.
  • UKIS guarantees the immediate availability of your documents in all locations of the company.

Selective online access 

As an innovative company, do you have the goal of expanding the value-added chain, from customer to supplier, to a quality chain? With UKIS – no problem. You have the option of supplying a selective online access to your QM system to your customers and suppliers.

Step-by-step extension

UKIS may, at any time, be gradually expanded in the areas of environment, health and safety as well as to a corporate-wide knowledge management system.