Teamwork with UKIS

Only the complete and direct availability of updated information from existing data makes genuine knowledge. UKIS creates additional benefits wherever multiple people in different locations must have access to the same information or in places where a large number of documents need to be coordinated.

In a workflow process, each user contributes a building block to the overall result. UKIS provides comprehensive support in labour management and organization. Documents are summarized in workbooks without removal of the originals from the folders where they are stored. The functionality to block files and the versioning of changes facilitates the joint handling of documents by various users.  Documents can be saved as drafts or published only for certain periods of validity. A news update for individual users or user groups pertaining to new releases and/ or changes happens at lightening speed and reduces unnecessary e-mail traffic. The confirmation feature reduces manual coordination: for example, users or user groups who must release documents after changes have been made can be defined. A subscription function enables automatic information of changes and updates in seconds. Users can register themselves as interested parties to certain documents or fields. If the flagged documents are changed, they will be shown in the user’s personal list of changes.

UKIS Workflow
UKIS Informationsmanagementsystem

Why haul heavy stacks? With UKIS – that’s history!

Numerous regulations and guidelines such as Basel II and ISO 9001 require companies to manage tax-related data and documents in compliance with the law including long-term archiving. In UKIS, interfaces to archiving systems are established for seamless, transparent documentation of processes and a safe, time – oriented storage of relevant documents such as documented evidence, customer contracts and e-mails including their attachments. Thus, the most important data sets are archived and can be accessed at any time at the click of a mouse.

Written reports was yesterday, today is automatic generation.

Write reports only once. Follow-up reports can be generated ad hoc or periodically – does that sound too good to be true? UKIS takes care of the time-consuming chore. With the aid of the basic operating data server BABS this becomes reality. The report generator compresses data of all kinds, such as performance data from heterogeneous systems, thereby facilitating the automatic generation of reports. In UKIS existing information is always available.