Automatic conversion – nothing is impossible with UKIS.

Uniform access to different file formats without the installation of the application itself on your computer? This is possible with UKIS. In UKIS, documents are saved in their original format but automatically converted to display the content in a web-enabled format. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and formats such as Visio, MS Project and FlowCharter are converted to PDF, CAD drawings into DXF. The user can access all information, regardless whether or not the application is installed on their computer.

Our USP: the automatic linking

Automatic linking in various document formats enable the users a new quality of documentation.  Documents or information no longer stands alone but are automatically integrated into the information network.
The UKIS link engine creates information networks by using hyperlinks. With the integrated link engine, UKIS links related information automatically. The Hyperlinks set automatically allows a direct link to specialized databases, texts, laws, guidelines and standards.
In a CAD/CAE drawing, individual components are hyperlinked to a list of components, specifications or descriptions. The linked parts within the drawing are highlighted in colour and with a click of the mouse, detailed information of the drawing is available. The original file remains unaffected by the link, the PDF document in the dxf drawings receives the necessary hyperlinks. The link between the file and additional information takes place in a matter of seconds.

UKIS – seek and find the easy way

The search technology covers all relevant references in Word documents, CAD drawings, spreadsheets, databases, PowerPoint presentations, scanned documents, HTML pages or e-mails including their attachments. Not only the content of the documents but also attributes such as title, file name, creator or invoice amount, name, product number, etc. are searchable.
For example, if a term was found in a DWG drawing, the user is not only shown the CAD drawings. UKIS also visualizes the reference in the drawing by a flashing rectangle. The search engine is able to jump directly to the reference with emphasis in ODF and in the CAD display.