MBS Fuel Management

Fuel costs account for approximately half of power generation costs. MBS Power Generation assists you in managing these important costs.

The processes associated with electricity production from hard coal, lignite, natural gas, oil and biomass determine the value added by each power plant. MBS captures load dispatch plans which will help you with your budgeting and scheduling of fuel procurements, taking into account current and projected stockyard inventories.

The system captures logistics and deliveries with detailed quality grades such as calorific value or sulphur content. MBS automatically highlights deviation from planning data and indicates missing cargoes. Data acquisition is automated to a large extent as interfaces allow MBS to be connected to logistics systems, belt weighers, weighbridges, silo sensors and analytical laboratories.

MBS Power Generation provides detailed inventory control ensuring precise evaluations down to individual deliveries. The system also accurately registers fuel consumption and heat generation data. MBS offers detailed interfaces which break down stocks and consumption into various aspects such as fuel grade or costs.

MBS Power Generation offers both technical and commercial evaluations of all material movements. In addition to analyzing generating and fuel costs it also supports the invoicing
processes. MBS provides an interface to ERP systems such as SAP for accounts payable data and similar accounting information. The flexible reporting engine of MBS provides an unrivaled degree of transparency using standard and user-configured reports on commercial and technical aspects.

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