MBS Gate Operating System

MBS offers complete automation of the delivery and shipping processes for materials and goods that are transported by truck. Weighing as well as loading and unloading is done by the driver himself.

Weighing as well as loading and unloading is done by the driver himself. The solution is fully integrated with the MBS operational management systems as well as with ERP and accounting systems.

Before entering the company premises, the vehicle is identified on the basis of the scheduling and planning data transmitted in advance. The driver weighs the incoming weight independently at a terminal and is then directed by the system to the planned self-service loading point. At the self-service station for reweighing, the driver receives the accompanying and delivery documents before leaving the premises.The delivery and shipping process is automated in MBS, recorded completely electronically and fully integrated into the commercial IT solutions. In this way, the entire process from planning to billing can be handled optimally. 

- Weatherproof self-service terminals with code card issuance -   Delivery paper printer for the accompanying documents
- Access control systems (RFID, barcode or magnetic cards)
- Truck / car barrier systems
- Turnstiles / security doors for passenger traffic
- Connection of truck scales from different manufacturers
- Traffic management within the site
- Approval for filling and dosing during loading
- Illustration of reweighing processes
- Logistics software for a wide variety of materials and goods
- Sampling support
- Full integration with ERP and billing systems 

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