MBS Material Flow Management
Combustion by-products

MBS Power Generation provides efficient by-product management for different materials
like ash or FGD gypsum. The system supports the user with functionality that covers production forecasts and budgeting, generation, inventory control, logistics, billing and quality management. A seamless data exchange with ERP systems such as SAP
SD (Sales & Distribution) allows a straight-through processing of bills and invoices.

Fuel oil/ammonia/limestone

Coal-fired power plants require a number of additional substances such as limestone
or ammonia in the generation processes. Fuel oil plays an important role in starting
a generating unit. MBS also manages these and other materials. The MBS software
reads fill levels of tanks and silos via I&C systems interfaces. It triggers orders if
required and adjusts inventories automatically. The functional scope of this module
also includes contract settlements and invoicing functionalities.

Waste/hazardous substances

MBS supports the disposal of hazardous as well as non-hazardous waste. As far as hazardous waste and substances are concerned, MBS supports compliance with applicable legislation and manages the complete disposal procedure. This includes producing all consignment notes and similar paperwork as required by the law. In this module, MBS not only supports logistics, inventory management and accounting, but also provides an interface to weighbridge systems of different manufacturers. The module also supports e-government procedures by facilitating an online exchange of information with the regulating authorities.

Biomass/substitute fuels

MBS also supports the use of biomass and other substitutes for fossil fuels such as sewage sludge or refuse derived fuels. MBS offers an integrated handling of procurement, processing, consumption and accounting straight through to the invoicing processes. A particular focus is on compliance with limit requirements with regard to the chemical analysis of substitute fuels. MBS offers functionality to draw representative samples and includes a data interface to certified laboratories. It comes ready with a comprehensive reporting and statistics module which, at the push of a button, provides all necessary documents as required by the applicable government regulation.

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