MBS Stockyard Management

The MBS stockyard management system is an advanced tool which assists in the operation of bulk stockyards. This solution provides stockyard operators with tangible benefits through stacker/reclaimer automation, increased efficiency and more transparency. The system provides an accurate 3-dimensional model of the stockyard, which indicates the pile shape and the material distribution within the stockpile. MBS transforms bulk storage facilities into precisely controlled tools to efficiently support your production processes.

MBS stockyard management is designed to operate alongside any existing stacker/reclaimer PLC system. The data from the digital control system is exchanged via an interface, the original system is left unaltered. MBS is ready to connect to a variety of digital control systems using different communication protocols such as Profibus, Modbus or TCP/IP (via industrial Ethernet). The system can be implemented during the construction of new stockyards or for existing facilities. MBS is the ideal solution to retrofit existing stockyards without installing new hardware.

Optimization in mining

The MBS stockyard management system enables precise monitoring of stockpiling and dumping, a comprehensive overview of the stockpile composition and the monitoring of storage locations - all in real time. Due to the direct connection between the central elements of the stacker and reclaimer and the control technology, changes in quantities and qualities are charted in real time.

In MBS, the current position of the stacker can be seen digitally, as is the continuous display of the material quantities and qualities that have been removed. The MBS system simulates the material movements within the heap in order to be able to predict the final composition of the heap.

MBS transforms your stockpile from a black box into a precisely controlled tool. By entering orders directly for the control of the storage devices, you can manage the stockpile construction with one system from delivery planning to stacking by means of conveying devices. As a result, MBS Stockpile Management stands for an optimal material composition and an optimal production process. 

MBS material quality management

- Track bulk material quality
- Achieve desired material blends
- Improve material   homogenization 

Unmanned stockyard operation

- Achieve higher throughput
- Reduce operating costs
- Increase operating safety 

MBS supports the following bulk materials 

- Coal and coke
- Biomass
- Iron ore, ferrous pellets
- Bauxite and alumina
- Fertilizer raws: phosphate,   potash or sulphur
- Quarry products: granite,   gabbro, gypsum, or limestone
- Industrial by-products: petcoke,   FGD gypsum or fly-ash 

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