Digitization for the industry

Operational management in ports

Our Terminal Operating System (TOS) increases productivity and reduces costs.

Optimization in mines

Lower operating costs and more minerals obtained through smart logistics and better mixtures.

Increased productivity in plants

More efficient management of fuels and material flows in plant operation.

Towards Zero Emissions

Monitor your emissions with our solutions for CO2 monitoring and reporting.

Gate operating systems

Robust systems for handling truck deliveries in ports, power plants, other facilities and in mining. The data is recorded by the drivers at self-service terminals. Integration of truck scales, camera systems, license plate recognition, barriers, traffic lights and other traffic technology in a network system to control the logistics processes.

Optimize logistics processes

Digital solutions for automated delivery and shipping. Dock and yard management systems for various materials and goods.

Cloud Advantage Platform

We offer you the opportunity to use the advantages of cloud computing. Benefit from greater flexibility and lower costs for IT infrastructure. 


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