MBS Smart Metering and Settlement Systems

Faster and easier for a reliable and correct accounting
   + Download data automatically instead of time-consuming collection.
   + Suitable for electricity, gas, oil, hydrogen, heat, water and process steam.
   + Perfectly for consumers and producers. Not only for accounting control, but as well for invoicing.
   + Reliable data views and reports with only one click.
   + Simple integration of data historians and archives with process data.
   + Less time and effort required for your accounting.
   + Error reduction in the accounting process by using online data. 

Our MBS Smart Metering and Settlement System is a Plant Accounting Settlement System (PASS). It was developed to perform full data collection for power plant applications. Data related to accounting of fuel, energy, water and heat, thereby can be administrated ideally.

Data collection provides a complete overview of all operation data from the base of accounting, associated with the various processes. The system enables an exact overview of the measured data, so that all these costs are known at any time and can be compared with each other. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) contributes to more efficient and cost-effective work and an increase in competitiveness. The data collected with the help of intelligent counters can be used for specific analyzes and for further processing.

+ Online measurement of real Production or real consumption based on data transmission from the counting system.
+ Definition of all connections and information, required for the invoicing process.
+ The system is able to create invoices based on the data already loaded in the purchase contract and the measurement data available on counters.
   Invoice processes are optimized and invoice verification simplified.
+ Comprehensive reporting, using standard reports or user-defined reports.
+ More efficiency, precision and cost reduction.
+ MBS SMSS includes:
   - Collecting and archiving process data
   - Fuel Demand Models for conventional and green energy plants
   - Tariff calculation, production capacity, availability and efficiency
   - Automated and manual data input and reporting
   - Invoicing
   - Invoice, Verification, Dispute Management and Contract Settlement
   - Access authorization and control, logging of system interaction
   - Data sharing or export and display

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