UKIS Quality Management

UKIS may, at any time, be gradually expanded in the areas of environment, health and safety as well as to a corporate-wide knowledge management system.

With UKIS you can build a quality management system conforming to appropriate international standards that can be documented, maintained and continuously improved. UKIS is the active component responsible for the accuracy and completeness of its contents. Operating instructions, emergency plans, maintenance and inspection plans, permits and regulations, forms, checklists, certificates, contracts and documents such as laws, guidelines, etc. are centrally and comprehensively available in UKIS!

UKIS takes over control of the documents i.e. in the information system, the responsibilities and procedures for the creation, editing, testing, release and changing of documents will be determined and controlled. UKIS embeds real-time for the operation of relevant process and performance data automatically so that the completeness and timeliness of your quality management system is assured.

  • Preparation and publication as well as testing and release of new documents 
  • Distribution of documents
  • Changing of valid documents
  • Archiving of current and superseded documents
  • Recording of activity in the system (history)
  • UKIS reduces time and effort in the creation, use, management and maintenance of data and documents. 
  • UKIS reduces the time spent in locating and providing your documents.
  • UKIS ensures the redundancy-free and consistent networking of your documents.
  • UKIS guarantees the immediate availability of your documents in all locations of the company.

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